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Willins Plumbing & Heating is a local plumbing start-up, based in Bay Shore, New York. The company had no web presence and relied purely on word-of-mouth referrals for business. The owner, Manny, desired additional leads without splurging on an all out, old-fashioned advertising campaign. He was intrigued by Google and wanted his customers to find him on line, as opposed to the standard local ad vehicles of fliers, door hangers, and newspaper ads.

What We Did And How

We talked with Manny about his business to get an understanding of the services he provides, the area he services, and his ideal target customer. Based on this valuable knowledge, we designed a brand new responsive website, with a modern look-and-feel both targeting Manny's ideal target customer yet still customized to Manny's liking. Special consideration was given in the design phase to not only accommodate different medium view ports (i.e. viewing on a computer vs tablet vs mobile device) but also to efficient and effective markup that will bode well for Google search rankings.

After iterating through the initial design phase with Manny to ensure what we designed was in-line with his taste, we delivered the final product for review. The key throughout the entire product was constant communication, which Manny greatly appreciated.

Once the website was complete and live, we went to work researching and optimizing its Google search rankings for specific target keywords, which would be most beneficial to the business. Additionally, we listed Willins Plumbing's website with 30+ top business directories and search engines to increase exposure. We also engaged in link building efforts with specific targeted websites.

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