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The Holographic Acupressure Disc company sells self-adhesive discs which are placed on the skin at certain pressure points. Each disc is programmed with a specific frequency, scientifically designed to either alleviate pain, improve sleep, improve performance, or increase fat loss. The company had no web presence of their own, relying solely on existing as a subpage of the website as their virtual home. The company sought a new, modern web presence which enabled users primarily to learn about and purchase their product, contact them with inquiries, and display customer success stories. We developed a responsive design which functioned perfectly in any size view port and was lightweight so it loaded quickly.

What We Did And How

First we identified the target client of the product, knowing this we could tailor a design to that demographic. A series of reviews were conducted with the client in order to ensure that the selected design met both their target customer's taste, as well as their own taste. After the structure of the website was built, we focused specifically on the product pages to ensure they were engaging and informative enough to the consumer to encourage purchase. This included strategic placement of pricing, call to action, product information, graphics, and testimonials. Additionally, we created social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, which consistently conveyed their brand identify and image.

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